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Just in case you are one of the few people in the Asian Action Air Shooting community who don’t yet know, Bandit Airsoft is the brainchild of Ms. Alex Cruz, better known to one-and-all by her radio call sign, ‘Bandit.’

The Birth of Bandit

A Filipina working in Hong Kong, Bandit started game playing Airsoft back in May 2008, (although be warned, don’t ever call it a game in front of her – to her Action Air Shooting is a full combat sport!) She started out by joining the Hong Kong Unit Black Division (UBD) and by June 2008 found herself taking part in her first Airsoft even with them, at Hong Kong’s picturesque Paradise Island in Saikung.

Bandit quickly realized what so many people who try the sport have learned before and since; Action Air Shooting is a fascinating, and addictive, hobby. It not only provides players with a personal challenge, but also brings them companionship, camaraderie and of course, taking part in an airsoft event is lots and lots of fun!

So, it should come as no surprise to learn that Bandit became hooked on Action Air Shooting during her first airsoft event back in 2008. Immediately after that, as she began to explore all of the different levels, areas and challenges the sport of airsofting provides, she became so fascinated that she just wanted to learn more… and more… and more!

What’s in a Name?

To be a team participant in Action Air Shooting events, Alex found she needed her own airsoft radio call sign. As taking part in airsoft made her feel like a rebel with a cause, (and a rebel who rode a Suzuki Bandit motorbike at that), she decided that as a Bandit is an outlaw bound only by their own rules, she just had to be the Bandit; and so Bandit was born!

About Bandit Herself

In the years since she began Action Air Shooting, Bandit’s passion for airsoft has never diminished, instead growing deeper and stronger. She is also the founding ‘Mother’ of the G.I. Janes, the first and only all-girl Filipino Airsoft (and soon IPSC) team based in Hong Kong.

Over the years Bandit has taken part in Action Air Shooting event types in Hong Kong and, with MilSim and other military training provided by her friends in Team Redwing, also in the Philippines. Her activities range from regular airsoft skirmish, to CQB (Close Quarters Battle), and Airsoft IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation), although she admits taking part in MILSim (Military Simulations) with her Magpul M4 remains her most passionate love among the many available Action Air Shooting activities.

A regular participant at airsoft competitions in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines, Bandit is well known in the Asian Action Air Shooting fraternity as a lady with real flair, passion and drive. No wilting violet, Bandit it a real man’s girl; not only sexy and beautiful, but also practical and one of the very few women with the skills and dedication to perform her own airsoft gun repairs and upgrades.

Bandit Airsoft

Finding that it was sometimes difficult for people in different areas to obtain the Airsoft, Real Steel, Tactical, etc, guns, parts, equipment and accessories they wanted at an affordable price, Bandit decided to put her practical knowledge and experience to work.

Utilizing the contacts she had built up throughout the airsoft communities in Hong Kong, China, the Philippines and many other parts of the globe, she set up Bandit Airsoft; an online company that specializes in finding and supplying all types of Action Air Shooting airsoft equipment, parts and accessories at low-cost, and then shipping them door-to-door to customers throughout Asia and all over the World.

As Bandit herself says, “It’s good to know that I help our fellow airsofters and collectors to obtain all the stuff they want without killing their wallets!”

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